Trelawny urged to seize economic opportunities

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica: Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Collin Gager, is concerned that Trelawny is not capitalizing on opportunities opening up with the introduction of cruise ship tourism.

He appealed to the private sector and investors from the area to become creative and develop attractions to keep the visitors in the parish.

Addressing the monthly meeting of the Trelawny Parish Council recently, Gager expressed concern that there are not enough attractions for the visitors, noting that if visitors are not bussed out of the parish they become bored quickly.

Gager said that with the volume of tourists now visiting the parish, there is a need to identify more attractions, so that when they leave the cruise vessels there is enough to explore and keep them occupied until they are ready to re-embark.

“So I think it needs a dream, it needs the vision of the business people to see that business does not just lie in the regular ‘selling you something’ everyday,” he said.

Gager said there are numerous opportunities for attractions to be developed in and around Trelawny.

However, he noted that the opportunities available at the new cruise ship pier are limited, and people need to start focusing on developing other facilities.

He warned that if residents of Trelawny do not grab available opportunities, they might lose out to more proactive persons from outside the parish.

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