Anti-gang Bill tabled as new Police Commissioner named

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts & Nevis: Government has tabled legislation in Parliament that is aimed at suppressing gangs as well as the prosecution and reform of juveniles found to be gang members.

The Gang (Prohibition and Prevention) Bill, 2011, introduced by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Sam Condor, seeks to make provision for the maintenance of public safety and public order by discouraging persons from joining membership of criminal gangs and by suppressing gang-related activities.

The Bill also seeks to enhance law enforcement in the area of investigation and prosecution of criminal gangs and to deter and punish crime committed in concert with a gang.

It further seeks to facilitate prosecution and reform of juveniles found to be members of such gangs who commit crimes in concert with gangs, and the establishment of gang prevention programs.

The legislation would create several offences in relation to gang activities, including forming or attempting to form a gang, being or attempting to be a member of a gang, and professing to be a member of a gang.

Meanwhile, Celvin Geron “C.G.” Walwyn has been identified as the country’s next Commissioner of Police. He will take over from Austin Williams, who is retiring.

A government statement announcing the decision said that Walwyn, a 25-year veteran of U.S. law enforcement, will come to the post with “a wide range of skills and expertise in critical areas of law enforcement such as intelligence gathering to drive the crime fighting strategies of the Force; the identification and apprehension of white-collar criminals; sexual offender surveillance; and the identification and apprehension of criminal gang members all of which he has mastered during his career over the past two decades and which will be critical to addressing our current realities here in the Federation”.

“In naming C.G. Walwyn to this post, the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis wisely injects into the law enforcement challenge in St. Kitts and Nevis someone who possesses critical networking capabilities and the breadth of law enforcement experiences that are key to effective crime fighting in the 21st Century,” the statement added.

“He is also someone who will have a natural identification with, and respect for, the men and women whom he has been named to lead as the next top cop.”

Walwyn holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master of Science in Security Management. He has also completed his formal studies for the Ph.D in Public Safety-Leadership.

Walwyn moved to the United States Virgin Islands at the age of 13 and later to the U.S. mainland where he has spent his professional life in the field of U.S. law enforcement.

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