Developmental plan on fast track

CASTRIES, St. Lucia: Prime Minister Stephenson King has announced the implementation of a task force and unit dedicated to St Lucia’s rebuilding efforts.

King said while government’s National Vision Plan serves as the blueprint for the development of the country, the damage caused by Hurricane Tomas last year emphasized the need to fast track some of the developmental plans outlined in the National Vision Plan.

The Prime Minister said, as a result, the National Reconstruction and Development Unit (NRDU) has been developed in order to strengthen the institutional framework necessary to accelerate the implementation of the Vision Plan and related projects.

“The government has exerted considerable energy and effort in mobilizing the necessary financing for the recovery and rebuilding effort,” said King. “Now that we have moved from the recovery phase to one of rebuilding, there will be ample opportunity for every sector to be actively and intimately involved in reconstructing our economy.”

King said the rebuilding efforts are an opportunity to diversify the nation’s infrastructure, attract new and diverse investments, and bring to fruition several of the development plans embedded in the National Vision Plan.

“Thankfully, from the inception we benefited from a clear consensus on the reconstruction plan,” said King. “Key stakeholders from the private and public sectors have been co-opted and are instrumental to the composition and the operation of the National Reconstruction and Development Unit.”

King also emphasized that the process of rebuilding the nation must become part of the St. Lucian psyche, with every major organization and institution structuring its own organizational plans within the overall national plan for reconstruction and development.

The NRDU will operate under the guidance of the National Reconstruction and Development Taskforce.

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