Haiti will accept election advice, Golding told

KINGSTON, Jamaica:

Golding, the outgoing Chairman of CARICOM, made the comment in a meeting with the diplomatic corps attended by Prime Minister of Haiti Jean Max Bellerive at Jamaica House earlier this week.

“It is not in our interest for us to see any situation that would encourage instability or uncertainty as to the direction of the leadership of the government,” said Golding. “The sooner we can have that definitively determined, then the sooner the Haitian people can get on with their rebuilding and the more we can be assured that the region will be able to provide them with support.”

He further noted that Haiti had a fledgling democracy.

“Haiti has been at that process now for a relatively short period of time,” said Golding. “Its democratic structures and institutions are fragile, and it is something that can only be strengthened and consolidated over time and with steadfast support from the institutional community.”

Responding to questions from heads of missions of nations and international organizations, Bellerive said his government was striving to leave a stable country for the next administration and will accept the results of the Organization of American States-Caribbean Community (OAS-CARICOM) general election recount, which is expected to be completed in a few days.

“We want to have a strong government when we leave…allowing whoever is going to win the election to have the full support of the international community…the OAS and CARICOM are two serious regional organizations. Let’s agree that they are coming in Haiti, because I should ask them to come to re-evaluate with us and give us some advice on how we should eventually consider the examination,” said Bellerive.

The OAS-CARICOM team is currently reviewing the election processes and the contents of 550 randomly-selected ballot boxes to evaluate if they adequately represent the will of the electors. (JIS)

Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding says helping Haiti attain stability is in the best interests of the West Indies.

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