Caribbean News in Brief – November 22, 2010


Paramaribo, Suriname:

Two others were seriously injured, while three escaped the collapse that occurred late Saturday. The bodies of the dead were recovered on Sunday.

Surgold LLC said the men were mining at the foot of a 10-metre wall in a pit in the company’s exploration area when the landslide occurred.

Head of the National Coordinating Centre for Disaster Management, Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Slijngaard, said the miners were likely using a water hose to blast away soil when the collapse began.

Surgold’s representative in Suriname, Esteban Crespo, confirmed that the miners “were not associated with our exploration activities”.

The company had previously warned illegal miners, on several occasions, about the dangers of their activity and urged them to stop.

However, the company said it was deeply saddened by the miners’ deaths.


St. George’s, Grenada:

Three of the four ministers who were reassigned by Prime Minister Tillman Thomas did not take the oath of office last Friday.

Demoted environment and foreign trade minister Michael Church tendered his resignation to Thomas on Monday. He will now sit in Parliament as a backbencher.

However, former foreign minister Peter David and his colleague Glynnis Roberts accepted their new positions on Monday.


Port-au-Prince, Haiti:

There are concerns that the nation’s cholera epidemic that has so far killed over 1,000 people may deter some voters from participating.

With the death toll still rising, some presidential candidates have called for a postponement.

However, the head of the EU diplomatic mission in Haiti, Lut Fabert, said there were no obstacles blocking the elections.


Kingston, Jamaica:

The IMF said Jamaica’s economic growth was revised downward for the fiscal year 2010-2011, which it called a “worrisome trend” given high unemployment and poverty rates.

The government of Jamaica had previously said spending would increase because of hurricane damage to the country.


Nassau, Bahamas:

The Baha Mar resort will be situated on 1,000 acres on New Providence Island’s fabled Cable Beach area.

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham passed a resolution last week following months of consultation, which stalled the deal.

The Commonwealth of the Trade Union of Congress said it welcomed the project as it will give members work in precarious economic times.

The government of the Bahamas has approved a controversial US$2.6 billion beach resort deal that has been billed as the largest destination resort in the Caribbean. Jamaica met end-of-September targets under an International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan arrangement but spending overruns are a risk, the Fund said following a mission to Jamaica. The European Union (EU) envoy to Haiti says postponing or canceling elections scheduled to be held this Sunday could threaten the country’s stability. A Grenadian government MP has resigned following last week’s cabinet reshuffle. Seven miners who were digging for gold in an unauthorized area in eastern Suriname were killed in a landslide over the weekend.

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