Long time PNCR politician on life support

GEORGETOWN, Guyana: Shadow Minister of Finance, Winston Murray, considered a frontrunner to become the opposition People’s National Congress Reform’s (PNCR) presidential candidate, has been declared brain dead following his collapse last week.

Murray’s family must now decide whether they will keep him on life support.

Murray, 69, collapsed last Thursday evening after leaving a sitting of the National Assembly. He fell into a coma and was placed on respiratory life support at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

At its own expense, government flew in Guyanese neurosurgeon Dr. Ivor Crandon by special charter from Jamaica to attend to Murray. The PNCR said Dr. Crandon determined over the weekend that Murray had no brain function and could therefore not be operated on.

“It was determined that no surgical intervention could be done at this time because of the state of his vital signs including no responses from his brain. In these circumstances, Mr. Murray remains on life support at the Georgetown Hospital. Mr. Murray’s wife and family have been fully briefed by the doctors on his present condition and future action will depend on their decisions,” the party said in a statement.

The party expressed gratitude to all the doctors and medical personnel at the Georgetown Public Hospital and Crandon for the care they have provided Murray.

Murray is a long-serving member of the PNCR, serving as a senior minister and deputy prime minister between 1985 and 1992. He also held several other government posts.

He has been chairman of the party since February 2003 and has been running a campaign to become the PNCR’s presidential candidate for the next general elections, due in 2011.


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