Caribbean News in Brief – November 4, 2010


Port-au-Prince, Haiti: American health authorities say the cholera strain which has killed more than 330 people in Haiti most closely resembles a strain found in South Asia.

The U.S. Centre for Disease Control found that Haitian cholera patients had all been infected with the same strain of the disease.

The Haitian health minister, Dr. Alex Larsen, said it was unlikely to have originated in Haiti, but had probably been introduced by global trade or travel.


Roseau, Dominica: The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Dominica says he does not support recent calls for a return to capital punishment to contain the country’s rising violent crime rate.

Bishop of Roseau, Gabriel Malzaire, says while combating the unprecedented high incidents of “useless crime and shameful violence” is an urgent priority, he does not think capital punishment will serve as a deterrent.

A former attorney general, Henry Dyer, recently called for the use of state executions as a crime-fighting measure.


Havana, Cuba: The Catholic Church in Cuba says the government has agreed to release three more dissidents.

One of them, Adrian Alvarez Arencibia, has served more than 25 years in jail for stealing seven rifles when he was 19 years old.

Under the deal brokered by the church, the three – Arencibia, Ramon Basulto Garcia and Joel Torres Gonzalez – have accepted exile in Spain.

Human rights groups say that between 40 and 100 people remain imprisoned in Cuba for political reasons.

The Archbishop of Havana, Orlando Marrquez Hidalgo, says this latest move will bring the number of dissidents who’ve agreed to leave prison for Spain to 50.

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