Interactive map of Jamaica launched

KINGSTON, Jamaica: The National Land Agency (NLA), in collaboration with Globe Insurance Company Ltd, has launched an interactive map of the island, ‘iMap Jamaica’, that will allow people anywhere in the world to identify any parcel of land in Jamaica and access related land information.

Access to the information will be made available through the web based application, eLandJamaica, which allows persons to obtain copies of land related documents, such as certificates of title, valuation roll reports and deposited plans. It’s being made available to the public free of cost.

Minister with responsibility for Information, Telecommunications and Special Projects, Daryl Vaz, said the initiative is a component of the government’s vision of a public sector/private sector partnership in development.

Comparing the product to Google Earth, Vaz said iMap can empower Jamaicans to access and use land information in ways that were considered impossible not so long ago.

“iMap can enable us to zoom in and out and even virtually glide over the length and breadth of the island to navigate and explore, not only the urban and town centres of our island, but also the rural and not so known corners of our rich landscape,” said Vaz, adding that it can be used as a tool to assist in proper planning, development and land management.

Chief Executive Officer of the NLA, Elizabeth Stair, stressed that iMap is a work in progress.

“In using iMap, you may find, especially in the rural areas, that there may be limited or no information on the property you are searching for, but over time this will change,” she said.

The Spatial Data Management Division of the Office of the Prime Minister is working in collaboration with the NLA to commission the Virtual Reference System network, which will assist in the provision of accurate and timely spatial data.

“This is a network of 13 GPS (Global Positioning System) stations strategically located across the island that will provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Vaz.

The minister commended the companies involved in iMap for their work. The partnership involves the NLA providing Globe Insurance with pertinent land related data for the insurance company’s internal monitoring purposes.

Globe Insurance, in exchange, financed the design of the map application and customized it to suit the needs of the NLA customers.

Technical resources in the creation of iMap Jamaica were jointly supplied by the two entities.

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