Jean criticizes Haitians officials in song

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti: Wyclef Jean has released a protest song criticizing Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) for refusing to let him run in the upcoming presidential election and accusing President René Préval of being behind his rejection.

Sung in Creole, the song ‘Prizon pou Kepa’ (Prison for the CEP) was released via Jean’s Twitter account and later posted on other blogs.

Jean accuses Préval, who appointed him as roving ambassador in 2007, of betraying him. The singer alleges that even after Préval assured him of his friendship and told him he was a good candidate at a meeting last week, days before the announcement that he was among 15 who did not meet requirements to contest the elections, the President betrayed him.

“Even though you say that the decision came from the Provisional Electoral Council, I know you hold all the cards. I voted for you for president in 2006, why do you reject my candidacy today?” Jean sings.

Jean is on a campaign to force the CEP to include him in the presidential race.

He said he was disqualified because the commission said he did not meet residency requirements. Jean left Haiti at the age of nine, but he has insisted that his appointment as ambassador at large should exempt him from that requirement and is seeking to appeal the decision.

A legal representative of the CEP has already indicated that the law does not provide for a challenge. However, Jean is not giving up. His new song begins and ends with his insistence that the fight will not end with the commission.

“I am going to challenge, going to challenge, going to court to challenge” he opens the song. After his criticisms of Préval and the CEP, Jean concludes, “I will continue to challenge the CEP. We must remain mobilized. I won’t give up. Face to face, lies lose.”


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