Caribbean News in Brief — July 15-10


St John’s, Antigua: LIME Antigua is accusing Digicel of illegal activities and is taking its rival to court.

The company announced last week that it has filed suit in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, seeking to have Digicel immediately “cease and desist…from illegally bypassing LIME’s international network”.

The company is also seeking redress in the sum of EC$23 million (US$8.6 million) which it says represents revenue LIME and the state-owned Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) have lost over the past three years because of Digicel’s alleged bypass activities.

Don Austin, LIME’s Executive Vice President for Legal and Regulatory, explained the basis for the legal action in a press release issued last week.

“LIME has determined that Digicel Antigua is engaged in bypass activities in relation to the origination and termination of international calls out of and into Antigua and Barbuda in contravention of the exclusive license under which LIME operates. This action by Digicel has resulted in significant financial losses to both LIME and APUA and by extension the Government of Antigua and Barbuda,” said Austin.


St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda: Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer has called on the international community to respect efforts being made by the region to effectively regulate its offshore business sector.

Spencer and CARICOM Secretary-General Edwin Carrington have accused developed nations of changing regulations whenever regional governments comply with their demands.

Spencer told delegates at a joint European Union/CARIFORUM conference that his government was forced to institute legislative and administrative reforms following the fallout from the Allen Stanford scandal.

Stanford is in jail awaiting trial in the U.S. He is accused of having operated a $7 billion Ponzi scheme from his offshore bank in Antigua.


St. George’s, Grenada: Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has praised Grenada-born Trinidadian calypsonian The Mighty Sparrow for his contribution to Caribbean and world culture.

In a message marking Sparrow’s 75th birthday on July 9, Thomas said few artistes could boast of a career that has spanned more than five decades, “covered multiple genres of music and art-forms and includes performances on stages in every continent”.

Thomas said Sparrow, whose real name is Slinger Francisco, had contributed in no small way to the relationship between Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago.


Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Dozens of young Haitians demonstrated against President René Préval in Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, demanding that he step down.

The demonstration came one day after Haiti marked the six-month anniversary of the January 12 earthquake.

The youths set at least one vehicle on fire and erected barricades of burning tires along city centre streets.

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