Caribbean News in Brief — May 27-10


San Sauveur, Dominica: Rescue workers have recovered the bodies of three members of a family whose house was swept away by a landslide in an east coast village of San Sauveur on Monday. A fourth member escaped unhurt.

Heavy overnight rain also caused landslides in neighbouring villages.

Speaking on state radio, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said locals needed to be vigilant ahead of what is expected to be a very rainy hurricane season.


Port-au-France, Haiti: A human rights group in Haiti says prisoners are dying in the country’s largest jail due to alarming conditions.

The National Coalition for Haitian Rights is calling for new facilities to be built to relieve overcrowding.

Two prisoners died in fights in the last two weeks, as inmates battle for survival in the National Penitentiary.

The group’s spokesman, Marie-Yolaine Gilles, said that detainees are being crammed into tiny cells and not given any medical attention.

Another group, the Ecumenical Centre for Human Rights, warned that conditions are so bad that inmates are sleeping standing up or just on scraps of fabric.


Petionville, Haiti: Some supporters of the former Haitian dictator, Jean-Claude Duvalier, have been calling for the ousted ruler to return and participate in post-earthquake presidential elections.

Last weekend, approximately 200 people marched through the suburb of Petionville — one of Duvalier’s former support bases.

Haitian leaders are currently struggling to hold scheduled elections on time with the help of the United Nations and the Organization of American States.

President René Préval has said he will remain in office up to three extra months past the end of his term next year if a new leader is not chosen by November 28.


Nassau, Bahamas: The Bahamian government has decided against the legalization of gambling, after consultation with a number of interest groups.

Following the talks there was no national consensus on the issue.

Cabinet announced that it would not be in the national interest to proceed with the legalization of the numbers business – small illegal lottery games – at this time.

But the government is proposing that a referendum be held on the issue after the next general election.

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