Barbadians urged to pray for ailing PM

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados: A Eucharistic minister, backed by other church leaders, has called on citizens to make next Sunday a day of prayer for Prime Minister David Thompson, who is undergoing tests to determine the cause of stomach pain he’s been experiencing over the past few weeks.

At a graduation ceremony for theological students at Codrington College, Minister Hilford Murrell said Barbadians from all denominations should lift their voice in prayer for Thompson.

At a press briefing last Friday, with personal physician Dr Richard Ishmael at his side, Thompson revealed that he had been suffering from stomach pains since early March. He said some tests were done in Barbados and more in the United States.

“The process is such that some of those tests and others are going to continue and it may necessitate, over the next month or so, or even perhaps longer, me having to be out of Barbados for a longer period than would normally be the case,” said Thompson.

Ishmael added that following preliminary tests in Barbados, he decided that it was best to have Thompson’s condition evaluated by a specialist at New York Presbyterian Hospital, which he called one of the best hospitals in the world.

He revealed that despite several tests conducted by doctors, Thompson’s condition has not yet been diagnosed.

“Within the next two or so weeks, we should be able to have a definitive diagnosis,” said Ishmael.

When the diagnosis is made, Thompson said he would make available “whatever information is necessary”.

In Thompson’s absence, Deputy Prime Minister Freundel Stuart will be acting prime minister.

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