Caribbean News in Briefs – January 25, 2010


Kingston, Jamaica: A team from the Japan International Cooperation Agency concluded three days of meetings with Jamaica’s key disaster management agencies last Saturday.

The team’s mandate was to assess the nation’s disaster management program and to determine the level of technical assistance that can be offered by the Japanese government.

The team, invited by the Jamaican government, had meetings with representatives of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management and the Environmental Management Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister.

Resident representative of the agency, Toshimasa Takashima, said the visit was primarily a contact mission and did not state what specific project could result from the visit.


Takutu Basin, Guyana: A Canadian company will soon begin drilling for oil and gas in the nation’s southwestern savannah region that borders Brazil.

A spokesman for Groundstar Resources said the firm is targeting the Takutu Basin where earlier explorations showed potential for resource-rich deposits.

The company is building an airstrip and ferrying in heavy equipment to start exploratory drilling in May.

Other companies have previously announced exploration plans.


Hamilton, Bermuda: The nation’s Parliament will consider new measures in February to curb youth crime.

The proposals include confiscating hooded sweat shirts – because they contribute to an atmosphere of intimidation – and holding parents legally responsible for unruly children.

They would also allow police to disperse two or more people hanging out in trouble spots and remove minors under 17 who are loitering at night.

The government says tackling lawlessness and aggression by youngsters is necessary to make sure islanders and tourists feel safe.

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