Opposition leader re-elected in Guyana

GEORGETOWN, Guyana: Robert Corbin has been re-elected leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR).

Corbin secured 614 votes to the 223 garnered by challenger Winston Murray to emerge victorious at the party’s 16th biennial congress last Sunday.

“This is not about one person. This is about the team and about the PNCR coming out the winner,” Corbin said, adding that he planned to unify the party.

Corbin’s victory ended a voting process that was rife with controversy. Claims of inflated membership made before the election continued and allegations of multiple voting were made.

Voting began more than four hours late because of problems with delegate registration and some persons said they were not allowed to vote because their names were not on the delegates list. In addition, there were complaints that membership ID cards were being distributed to persons before they had completed their registration.

Following his loss, Murray said he would have to contemplate his future.

“Because the margin is so wide, that even if there were – as I believe there were – flaws in the process and irregularities in the procedures, it is clear that Mr. Corbin would have won,” he said. “I have to allow some time to pass, let the dust settle and then determine where I go.”

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