St. Kitts PM threatens Governor General with jail

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts: Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas has accused the opposition People’s Action Movement (PAM) of trying to prevent general elections in the twin-island federation and warned that Governor General Sir Cuthbert Sebastian could be imprisoned as a result of their actions.

The latest accusations came as the war of words continued between Dr. Douglas and PAM over two injunctions filed for and granted to the Opposition, which prevented government from making changes to electoral boundaries as recommended in the Boundaries Commission Report ahead of upcoming elections.

The most recent injunction named the Governor General as well as Attorney General and Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, Dennis Merchant, and other key officials.

“There is a serious attempt by some persons to prevent the smooth process of general elections,” Douglas said, referring to the attempts to stop the Commission Report on changes to the constituency boundaries being laid in Parliament and the attempts to prevent Sir Cuthbert from acting on the recommendations from Parliament arising from the report.

The report was presented to Douglas and Sir Cuthbert hours before the injunction.

Douglas said Sir Cuthbert is now subjected to the terms of the injunction and he could be found in contempt of court.

“This is a very grave development,” Douglas said. “Someone is seeking to stop these elections from being called.”

Douglas also said that he has been advised that a High Court injunction does not prevent him from complying with his obligations under the St. Kitts and Nevis Constitution.

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