Guyana’s Opposition Leader recovering from surgery

GEORGETOWN, Guyana: Opposition Leader, Robert Corbin, is recovering after undergoing a successful surgical procedure on Thursday.

Details have not been released about the operation, which was conducted at a hospital in New York, but a release from the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) said Corbin, who was hospitalized in Guyana late last month after suffering chest pains, is now under post-operative care.

“It is expected that he will be discharged from hospital shortly. The party will continue to give further updates on the progress of his recovery,” according to a statement from the PNCR.

After experiencing chest pains on April 25, Corbin, age 61, drove himself to the Woodlands Hospital in Georgetown for treatment. He was subsequently transferred to the Caribbean Heart Institute (CHI), which is located at the Georgetown Public Hospital, before being flown to New York a few days later.

While in the United States, Corbin underwent tests, evaluation and medical procedures including angiography – an X-ray examination of blood vessels and arteries – at the Heart Centre, St. Francis Hospital, Long Island, before the decision was made to operate.

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