Gender equality essential for development – Grange

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KINGSTON: Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports, Olivia Grange, says it is important to understand that gender equality and human rights for all are essential for the advancement of development, peace and security.

Speaking last Sunday at a special commemorative church service in Kingston highlighting International Women’s Day, Grange noted that decades of lobbying and advocacy by women’s organizations across the world have resulted in global recognition of the contribution that women make to social and economic development.

“The success of their efforts is evident in some of the Conventions and Protocols that the government has signed over the past 20 years,” Grange said.

Some of the conventions and protocols include an international framework for the pursuit of gender equality provided by the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action; the Millennium Development Goals and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

“By signing these documents, the government has a responsibility to promote gender equality, to empower women and eliminate gender-based violence,” Grange said.

At the service, which also recognized the 35th anniversary of the Bureau of Women’s Affairs, Grange lauded the “courage of our women worldwide, but most importantly our Jamaican women, who have played transformative roles in our society”.

Grange noted that this year’s theme: ‘Honouring the Past, Celebrating Women: Embracing Gender Equality’, highlights the work that has been done and the many hurdles that have been cleared.

“As a nation, we can now celebrate our women and their efforts, which enable us to look forward to a future where persons will not be discriminated against on the basis of gender,” said Grange.

The minister said that women and children continue to be undervalued and this must change.

“Today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, let us not only reflect on change, but seek to change and seek to live sex naughty live webcam babes live sex cam chat reverse the many negative influences and situations that so often hinder the process and development of our women and girls,” she said.

Grange lauded the Bureau of Women’s Affairs for its contribution to the cause of women and development e-zigarette of the nation and commended its former directors and staff who have played a significant role in the development of the institution and towards enhancing the status of women in the country.

During the ceremony, Grange and members of the congregation recognized the contributions of Lady Bustamante, widow of National Hero, Sir Alexander Bustamante, who celebrated her mobile live sex 97th birthday last Sunday.

International Women’s Day focuses on raising awareness on the issues relating to women and girls across the globe. It also aims to honour the achievements of women and promote women’s rights, recognizing the outstanding achievements and contributions of women in the local, regional and international live sex arenas. (JIS)live sex
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