Four more Canadians have died in Afghanistan

Well, it has happened again. Four more of our soldiers have died and another eight wounded. How much longer are we going to waste our precious human resources on a people who do not want us in their country?

First, it was to help the U.S. go after Al Qaeda and their supporters in the Taliban. And, that was the right thing to do. Our neighbours needed help and we were right to do our part. Then, the U.S. turned its focus to Iraq and we turned our attention to helping the people.

While that was a laudable enough goal, it was not why we were there. Now, 116 of our soldiers have paid the ultimate price. For what?

Are we every going to see the end of that conflict? Are we ever going to see victory and a lasting peace? The history of that country does not suggest this is possible.

What we need to do is to let these folks sort themselves out, provide whatever material assistance we can afford in these tough economic times, and bring our troops home.



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