Jamaican empowerment conference planned



Civic, business and faith-based leaders in the Greater Toronto Area’s Jamaican Diaspora community will meet at the end of the month to learn more about plans for next year’s 50th independence anniversary celebrations and Vision 2030 which seeks to empower Jamaicans.

Former Jamaica Governor General, Sir Kenneth Hall, will deliver the keynote address at the November 30 conference at the Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport Hotel. Jamaica’s fifth governor general since independence in 1962 holds a PhD in History from Queen’s University.

“His presentation will focus on the Diaspora and the church,” said consul general George Ramocan who conceived the idea for the conference. “We are tapping very heavily into the church because this is a community which, in my opinion, has not really being acknowledged. We are bringing them into the structure.”

Vision 2030 program manager Richard Lumsden will also address nationals.

Jamaica’s first long-term development plan was created with the goal of placing the country on the road to realizing its potential of becoming a fully developed nation in the next two decades.

“Richard will share with nationals the government’s goals and how nationals here can become part of the process,” said Ramocan, a member of the Church of God International since 1997 and a former Manchester parish councillor.

“In recent years, we have seen an escalation in natural disasters around the world and it’s becoming challenging for the developed world to respond effectively to these crises in the developing world,” said Ramocan. “We believe we have to be proactive in engaging the Diaspora in a very conscious way to begin its preparations and not wait until the disaster occurs and then think about the response.”

The conference theme is Jamaica 50 & Beyond: Towards a Developed Nation.

“It will be very informative and engaging,” said Ramocan.

The registration fee is $100 which will cover a conference package, buffet lunch and refreshments.

Individuals can register online at www.jamaica50andbeyond.eventbrite.com.


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