Shebada back in Toronto in Double Dose

Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsey and Garfield ‘Bad Boy Trevor’ Reid are ready to excite and enlighten the Greater Toronto Area with David McIntosh’ Hilarious play, Double Dose.

Double Dose, written by McIntosh and produced by Stages, has played to sold out audiences in the United States and is ready to treat patrons in the GTA to a hilarious and enjoyable time.

‘Shebada’ Ramsay, one of Jamaica’s newest theatre sensations, has enjoyed enormous adulation from his legion of fans and Reid has a huge catalogue of plays dating back to the ’80s. His experience in theatre has propelled him to the top of the Jamaican theatre industry.

Ramsey and Reid have not performed together since 2008. These talented thespians have teamed up now to provide patrons with laughter and enlightenment in this hilarious comedy.

The two are supported by a talented cast that includes Abigail Grant, Natalee Cole and Juliet Shank.

Double Dose tells the story of parental delinquency and its effects. Archibald Wilson (Garfield Reid) is a man who has a very dark past which haunts him to this day. He shares his business place with Imogene (Juliet Shank), one of his past lovers, who tries to rekindle a fire long extinguished, even though she is involved with a younger man, Shebada. Archie thinks his days of romance are over until two ladies of the night, Pinky and Chiquita, trying to escape the law, arrive at his place of business. They see him as their ticket to safety and he sees them as one last chance for romance.

Double Dose will be in Toronto at the Jamaican Canadian Association Centre, 995 Arrow Road on Friday, October 28; in Scarborough at Sir John A. MacDonald High School, 2300 Pharmacy Avenue, on Saturday, October 29 and in Brampton at Rozz, 200 Advance Blvd on Sunday, October 30. Tickets are $40 in Advance and $45 at the Door.

According to the producers, “early bird tickets are sold out and the regular tickets are moving quite fast”.

Following the recent sold out performances of Shebada in “GhettOut” and Delcita in “Ova Mi Dead Body,” theatergoers are sure to be entertained from start to finish.

This production is presented by Lolita Entertainment and Rozz Entertainment. For more details call 647-854-5554.

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