Diwali Greetings

On behalf of the Government of Guyana, as well as the staff of the Guyana Consulate in Toronto, it is my humble pleasure to extend Diwali greetings to all.

As this historic festival is once again observed, the lessons that are conveyed by the significance of Diwali should not be lost in our modern society. We are forever enlightened by the story of the triumph of light over darkness, which has both practical value and symbolic undertones.

We learn that we must accept that which is positive and radiant and reject that which is negative and regressive. Moreover, the metaphorical messages that convey the emergence of good over evil, of truth over untruth, of knowledge over ignorance, of righteousness over sinfulness, and of virtue over vice, all provide salient examples of what we, as a society, must stand up for.

This year, our society must rededicate itself to the furtherance of the practical and moral lessons of the timeless festival of Diwali in the name of progress, peace, love and social unification.

The festival of Diwali holds a special place in the hearts and minds of Guyanese the world over. The lasting image of clay or mud diyas lining homes, streets and entire villages is a magical part of the cultural and religious mosaic that is Guyana. Additionally, the motorcades honouring the Goddess Lakshmi, the music filling the night air, and the smell of traditional sweetmeats all add to the lore of a Diwali spent “back home.” Those traditions are identifiable across the length and breadth of our land, and symbolize our collective focus on improving our nation.

As Guyana continues on its path to development, the messages that are reinforced by Diwali are truly relevant to our country and its people.

As our Guyanese family in Guyana, Toronto and across the world celebrates another year of the Festival of Lights, let me extend my warmest wishes on this sacred occasion. May you be spiritually uplifted by the teachings of Diwali, and may the messages of universal love, respect and righteousness shine as brightly as the diyas that will light the homes of millions.

Have a peaceful and enjoyable Diwali!

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