New organization pledges to help needy kids



The apple does not fall from the tree, or so the saying goes. Two months after Marcia Brown was honoured with an Ontario Premier Teaching Award of Excellence, her daughter Re’gina Brown was presented with a scholarship at the launch in Toronto of the Educational Foundation for Children’s Care Canada (EFCCC).

The Crawford Adventist Academy graduate, who enters the University of Windsor next semester to pursue kinesiology studies, was recognized for excellence in education and leadership.

Introduced to the Future Aces philosophy three years ago, the teenager launched the program at her private school a few months later and established a girls club – Ladies 4 Life – at Brookview Middle School.


Dr. Herb Carnegie created the Future Aces creed to instill self esteem and mutual respect and enhance the overall development of young people. Almost 200 schools in Canada, the United States, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean have adopted the creed that also encourages educators, parents and community leaders to support and steer young people towards such virtuous qualities as a good attitude, ethics, service and civic responsibility.

Brown aspires to become either a physiotherapist or chiropractor.


Sheriffa McLaren, 18, was also presented with a scholarship. The Woodbridge College High School graduate and Toronto Central Seventh-day Adventist Church member will pursue post-secondary studies at Canadian University College in Lacombe, Alberta.


In addition to providing scholarships, the EFCCC will also support organizations outside Canada dedicated to offering a safe haven for abandoned, abused, neglected and orphaned children.

The Eden Valley Children’s Village located on 47 acres of land in Four Paths in the parish of Clarendon is the first project that the EFCCC has adopted.

“Today, I implore you to join us on this journey to create a tipping or turning point where we will be able to realize measurable results in improving the lives of these needy children,” said EFCCC president, Pauline Christian. “We have come to a vital, pivotal and symbolic crossroad that can no longer be ignored. We need to be present in the moment, curious and desirous for change and contemplate our value to this planet.

“This is a new day, so let’s band together to move the socio-economic goalpost for our people and our children.”

In the keynote address, former Progressive Conservative Party of Canada leader John Tory praised the EFCCC for presenting scholarships to young people and offering them a chance to pursue university education.

“Education is the great liberator,” he said. “If you look at our society, it’s built on the notion that because we have an education system that everybody has access to, that’s what gives everybody a chance to live their dreams.

“But there are a lot of kids, unfortunately too many with black and brown skin, who can go into the system but either end up dropping out before the end of high school or can’t afford to go to university and that’s why the work done by an organization like this is so important. It gives young people an incentive to go to school and a chance to pursue post-secondary education.”

Jamaica’s consul general George Ramocan attended the event and pledged his support to the EFCCC.

“The effort by your organization to provide care and education for disadvantaged children in the Caribbean and other developing countries is a worthy and noble cause that deserves the liberal support of every well thinking citizen,” he said.

“I pledge my full endorsement and support as you seek to change one life at a time by funding scholarships for students in Canada who have achieved academic excellence, but are disadvantaged and in need of our support.”

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