New Marcia Brown play for Father’s Day


Celebrating 11 years of producing some of the most electrifying and memorable stage plays in the city, Marcia Brown Productions will present the highly anticipated stage play “I Need To Know My father” this weekend.


This is an extra special production as it is the very first full length play that has been penned by Brown given that her past plays have been written by other playwrights. Brown has a knack for choosing plays that are not only comical but have a strong message behind them such as Feminine Justice, Rosetta and Common-Law. So with a play titled “I Need To Know My Father” theatre goers can be assured they are in for a real treat.

There is a saying that love has no colour, class, race or creed but this is not in the book of Claire Bonavich. When it is alleged that her one and only son Jonathan Bonavich Jr. is responsible for impregnating her maid’s 16-year-old grand-daughter, Sarah Perkins, Claire is set on ensuring that little flame of love is extinguished forthwith, since young Jonathan is of high breeding and is studying to be a lawyer (following in the footsteps of his father). Apart from affecting his studies this little mishap could bring disrepute to the family’s good name.

The Perkins, on the other hand, are very humble, Christian folks. Miss Lou works as a domestic helper for the Bonavichs and her husband Mass Roy is a Deacon in the church. Their grand-daughter is an active youth leader in the church so getting pregnant at 16 and to top it off “out-of-wedlock” has gone against the preaching and teaching of Mass Roy.

After this unfortunate circumstance is revealed to Miss Lou by way of “Fish Dreams” – and, of course, there is no denial that pregnancy is in the air when a grandmother “dream si fish” – the Perkins decide to take Sarah to the Bonavichs to demand that their son accepts responsibility for this situation…and this is where all hell breaks loose.

Claire Bonavich is livid and does not mince her words in reminding “these people” of who they are, where they come from and the fact that her son would never lower his standards to mingle with the likes of their grandchild.

Fast-forward 16 years later and here comes Sarah’s daughter Lisa, a charming and beautiful girl who exudes exceptional brilliance far beyond her years. Her scholastic achievements have earned her top honours but she is restless. She has not seen her mother since she was three (Sarah is now living in America illegally) and she does not know who her father is. So on her 16th birthday, she decides to put a full-stop to the nonsense her great-grandparents have been telling her about her father over the years because she strongly believes that every child deserves to know their father and she will not be denied this right.

She unleashes a vengeful warpath the likes of which they have never seen before with even a threat to follow in her mother’s footstep by getting pregnant and they will never know who the father is since it is not that important.

Despite the efforts of her great-grandparents to continue to paint a negative picture of her father she holds her ground… and this is where the story becomes intriguing, engaging and dramatic.

After 16 years, lies, deception and cover-up schemes are revealed because, as the saying goes, “Whatever happens in the dark must come to light”….. Will Lisa’s timely discovery of her father lead to the living testament of Psalm 118:22 – The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner?

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