Why was Wilders allowed here?

By ARNOLD A. AUGUSTE, Publisher/Editor

Earlier this week, one of the most reprehensibly racist European political figures was not only allowed to enter Canada, but to freely embark on a cross-Canada tour.

Geert Wilders’ infamy comes from his hatred of Muslims – and Islam. He is an elected politician and the leader of the Freedom Party (go figure), the third largest political party in the Netherlands and, actually, a member of its coalition government. He also has hate charges pending before a Dutch court.

Wilders feels that if Muslims want to practice their religion and culture they should stay in their countries of origin (or, go back where they came from). He has called for a ban on Islam’s holy book, the Qur’an, in his own country and urges a similar ban in other democratic countries. (Obviously, he does not quite understand the concept of democracy.)

It is not as if the Stephen Harper government has not refused entry before to people whose message was deemed to be offensive, hurtful to certain ethnic groups or un-Canadian. In 2009 the government barred British Member of Parliament, George Galloway, for his alleged support of the Middle East group, Hamas, considered here a terrorist organization. For his part, Galloway said he was only providing humanitarian aid to the people. It took a court order to allow him entry on a subsequent visit.

So why Wilders?

“There is no moderate Islam…There is no good part of the Qur’an,” he has been quoted as saying. And he has written some very hateful things about the Prophet Muhammad.

I wonder what all those ethnic groups of the Muslim faith who just helped return the Stephen Harper government to power with a majority must think now that this man has been allowed to come here to spew his hate while some of their own people have been barred, allegedly on similar grounds.

What is more interesting is that Wilders was here to speak Monday night at, wait for it, the Canada Christian College, which is a co-sponsor of his cross-Canada tour. He spoke at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa on Tuesday and in London on Sunday.

At a speech in Toronto on Monday, Wilders is reported to have said: “Our Western culture is far superior to Islamic culture … and only once we are convinced of this will we be able to defend our civilization.”

Wilders also graced (or disgraced) the front page of Tuesday’s Toronto Sun. But that should come as no big surprise. They do tend to push the limits. But Canada Christian College?

Both the Roman Catholic Church and fundamentalists Christians – especially those in the southern U.S. “Bible belt” which Canada Christian College seems to emulate in many of its beliefs and practices – have spent a lot of time and energy trying to distance themselves from their past profound hatred of Jews. Haven’t they learned anything?

Why would Canada Christian College get itself mixed up with this hateful man?

According to the National Post, Wilders was introduced at the Toronto event by none other than the president of Canada Christian College, Charles McVety, as a man with “a prophetic message”.

A message of hate? Does McVety share Wilders’ beliefs about all Muslims here, including all the professional people who have contributed to this country in the areas of medicine, for example, and who continue to serve us so well?

The Stephen Harper government – and especially Minister of Immigration, Jason Kenney, who has spent so much time courting the Muslim vote for his party – have brought disgrace to this country by allowing this man to freely spew his hate for Muslims here. They all should be ashamed.

And McVety too!

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