Africentric School gets a vice-principal


Canada’s only Africentric Alternative School has its first vice-principal.

Leopold Campbell, a 38-year-old vice-principal at Fisherville Junior High School in North York for the past five years, started at his new school last Monday.

Principal Thando Hyman-Aman welcomed her first VP with open arms, saying his hiring will relieve her of some administrative duties.

“This school is a beacon of hope for many in the community and as such there are different partnerships that emanate from out of here,” she said. “This means that I can now go out into the community and do work on behalf of the school. There is a lot of work to be done and I am excited by the addition. More personnel make it a bit easier in any environment seriously lacking human resources.”

Launched in September 2009 with 85 students, the school’s enrolment rose to 160 for the new school year six months ago.

The Africentric School is set up in a wing of Sheppard Public School as a junior kindergarten to Grade Five option with the capacity to grow to Grade Eight.

The TDSB, which approved a recommendation in May 2008 to set up the Africentric School that’s open to all students — has 20 elementary and 22 secondary alternative schools.

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