Black History Month time to celebrate accomplishments – Pastor



Black History Month is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of our people in Canada and the rest of the world, Bishop Dr. Audley James, the founding pastor of Revivaltime Tabernacle Worldwide Ministries Inc. told the St. Matthew’s Cathedral congregation last Sunday as they celebrated their first Black History Month event.

“It’s also a time to recognize that you can achieve despite the challenges you may face,” he added.

Dr. James recounted the challenges he faced in establishing in his own ministry in Canada.

“There were those who said it could not be done,” said Dr. James, who was preaching for the first time in an Anglican church. “But we proved them wrong and so can you.”

Ordained a Bishop five years ago, he spearheaded the drive to buy 3.5 acres of land in Downsview to set up the church’s headquarters which now includes a mortgage-free sanctuary, gymnasium and school. He also presides over three Pentecostal churches in Canada with a congregation of close to 3,200 members, two satellite churches in Jamaica and one in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Ontario’s Lt. Gov. David Onley attended the event and read a scripture.

To mark the celebration, the church presented awards to Dr. James, soprano singer Denise Williams and church member Elma Gabriel.

Antigua-born Rev. Glentis Samuel, the incumbent at St. Matthew’s which emerged last November after the St. Clements of Rome cathedral closed, organized the Black History Month celebration.

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