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Information Technology (IT) departments are embracing virtualization to reduce energy costs, real estate space and server hardware.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is saving thousands of dollars through virtualization done last year by Hyper Technologies, a Toronto-based company specializing in application development services and infrastructure virtualization.

Last year, the medical regulatory organization migrated to the latest computing model that better facilitates and optimizes its management and operational processes.

“There was a bidding process which we won because we were able to provide them with the best offer they could get for a quick return on their investment,” said Hyper Technologies managing partner Orren Johnson.

Hyper Technologies was recently recognized for its leadership in technology advancement with an IMPACT award in the Virtualization Solution of the Year category. The other finalists were Broadview Networks and Itergy International Inc.

In its eighth year, the Microsoft Partner Network awards recognize Canadian technology partners’ commitment and leadership in the channel community.

“This was a proud moment for our organization,” said Guyanese-born Johnson who spent 12 years in England before migrating to Canada in 1989. “This award demonstrates our focus towards implementing best practices for Microsoft virtualization solutions.”

A graduate of Central High School and the University of East London with an Economics degree, Johnson was turned on to IT while working as a mail order clerk in England.

“Jobs were hard to come by in the early 1980s, but it so happened that my employers were looking for IT people at the time,” he recalled. “I passed the test which they gave to ascertain your aptitude and that was how I got into this field. I figured it would be a great learning curve and I spent the next five years doing main frame programming and data base administration.”

Along the way he took a few courses to improve his knowledge base.

“It’s sort of funny, but I did not pursue any university degrees in the sector,” he said. “I am not a techie and what I have found is that people like me are more attuned to thinking outside the box when it comes to resolving issues. The computer geeks are precise and they do things the way they are taught.”

Buoyed by two vacation trips to the Greater Toronto Area, Johnson settled here 22 years ago, hoping to make his mark in the IT sector.

He spent two years with Computer Associates and another three with Amdhal as a systems engineer, worked as an independent contractor for three years and co-owned Eidenai Innovations that specialized in software development before partnering with John Kadianos to create Hyper Technologies that employs 15 full-time staff and five contract workers.

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