Not our church: Revivaltime Tabernacle’s pastor




Monday is usually a “down day” for the founding pastor of Revivaltime Tabernacle Worldwide Ministries Inc., Bishop Dr. Audley James, after a full day of ministering on Sunday.

Last Monday was the exception.

Dr. James spent most of the day in his office fielding calls from concerned parishioners and community members after the Toronto Star reported that Canada Revenue Agency had revoked the status of two Toronto charities including Revival Time Ministries International.

In fact, Revival Time Ministries and Dr. James’ Revivaltime Tabernacle Worldwide Ministries are two different entities, with the former, which was founded by Cameroon immigrant Daniel Mokwe, the one identified by the CRA. Mokwe founded the two charities whose charitable status have been revoked.

“I have never heard of this ministry and I don’t know the pastor,” Dr. James said. “The first time I learned of them was when I started to receive calls and I picked up a newspaper. The names are similar and I assume that’s why so many people who support our church were so worried.

“I chose to come to the office today because I wanted to deal with each call personally and assure concerned callers that this has absolutely nothing to do with us. We received our charitable status in 1980 and we have always been a reputable organization. In addition, we have one of the finest accounting firms in the country that audits us and we are in good standing and have always been with Revenue Canada.”

Dr. James, who was ordained a Bishop by Canada Christian College five years ago, spearheaded the drive to purchase 3.5 acres of land in Downsview to set up the church’s headquarters which now includes a mortgage-free sanctuary, gymnasium and school. He presides over three Pentecostal churches in Canada with a congregation of some 3,200 members, two satellite churches in Jamaica and one in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The former Jamaican police officer and health inspector migrated in 1969 to wed his sweetheart, Rosenda, and begin a new chapter in his life. He is the father of three married children.

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