St. Lucians rally to help in aftermath of Hurricane Tomas

Through the leadership of St. Lucia Consul General, Stephen Julien, a humanitarian aid package, valued at CAD$100,000, was contributed by Swish Canada, a performance formulator and manufacture of chemical cleaning products, to the Hurricane Tomas “Relief for Saint Lucia” campaign.

Julien and the association’s Hilary Mark and Melanius Alphonse were on hand earlier this month to receive the donation.

Julien lauded the gift saying that in the aftermath of Hurricane Tomas, the products will be used to sanitize hospitals, schools, shelters, public areas, food service areas and the general maintenance of these institutions and expressed his sincere appreciation to Swish Canada for their assistance to the people of St. Lucia.

The St. Lucia Ottawa Association also contribution 50 boxes of specialty items, dry foods, diapers, canned foods, safety supplies and daily essentials and St. Lucians in Toronto provided water, hygiene products, food stuff, laundry items and baby formula.

The contributions were delivered to the premises of KLC Freight Ltd. for shipment to St. Lucia.

These contributions were preceded by a donation of CAD $12,000.00 which was made in the first week of November by the Calgary Association led by Kenny Husbands.

It has taken a remarkable collaboration marked by volunteerism, goodwill and efficiency, to make all this possible, said a representative of the local St. Lucia organization. “St. Lucia needs all the help, expertise and knowledge to assist in rebuilding for the future.”

The St. Lucia Toronto Disaster Relief Committee took the opportunity to thank all the contributors, volunteers and donors for their help and sense of social responsibility to the people of St. Lucia. The organization pledged to continue working to deliver humanitarian aid and assistance to the people of St. Lucia.

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