Youth gives back to his old school

He’s one of the most recent and youngest Canadians supporting basic education in Jamaica.

Lomar Thomas, 17, sold chocolate bars and solicited donations that raised $400 for Red Bank Early Childhood Institute in St. Elizabeth which he attended before migrating to Canada five years ago via Texas and the Bahamas.

The monetary donation was dispatched last May and Thomas plans to visit the school next year to see how the contribution was utilized.

“I know what’s it like being exposed to a school where many of the things we take for granted in educational institutions in Canada do not exist,” said Thomas who graduated a year early from Brampton Christian Academy. “This is my way of giving back to my school.”

Canadians support 275 basic schools through the Project for Advancement of Childhood Education (PACE), which was established 23 years ago.

“My mother did the research and that was how I was introduced to PACE,” Thomas said. “It’s a wonderful organization doing great work and I am happy to be part of the network.”

He said he will continue to give back to Red Bank as long as he can.

“What I did earlier this year is not a one-time donation,” he said. “I am committed and in it for the long haul.”

An aspiring lawyer, Thomas will enter a Toronto university next semester to pursue criminal justice studies.

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