Doobay celebrated for service to Guyana


Serving as Guyana’s top diplomat in Toronto was the highest distinction of my life, says

Honorary Consul General Danny Doobay, who demitted office on October 31.

Doobay, whose jurisdictional responsibility also included Western Ontario and Western Canada, has held the position for 12 years.

He was honoured last Friday night at a farewell reception in Brampton which was attended by close to 500 guests.

“I am touched, humbled and overwhelmed by the response here tonight,” he said. “People have responded over the last 12 years and they have encouraged and supported me. It has been a long road, sometimes challenging at times. But I have enjoyed the ride and we accomplished a lot as a community.”

Doobay said collaborating with the Diaspora community to organize the annual Guyana Festival to celebrate the country’s independence, the Guyana Awards and the Scholarship program were the highlight of his diplomatic career.

“Our Diaspora is almost a million and it represents the single largest resource potential for Guyana,” he said. “I don’t think we have utilized it fully.”

He said his only disappointment is that he’s leaving before the Global Partnership for Literacy (GPL) program is fully rolled out.

The Guyana Consulate in Toronto in collaboration with the GPL which is a Canadian-based non-governmental organization, the Guyana government and Guyana Diaspora communities across Canada are involved in the cutting edge “SchoolNet” initiative to computerize every Guyanese secondary school in the next four years.

“I am really excited about this project,” said Doobay. “In fact, I spent an extra year at the consulate trying to advance the program.”

Retired Ontario Court judge Vibert Lampkin was among the guests paying tribute to Doobay.

“He came to us for three years and he spent 12 glorious years in which time he introduced many programs that helped to bring the Guyanese community closer than it ever has been before,” said Lampkin, a Guyana award recipient. “His name is synonymous with success in the community and we can attest to the fact that he, in his capacity as our honorary consul general, has relentlessly and passionately represented Guyana and the government of Guyana.

“He has always discharged his duties and responsibilities with diligence and professionalism. The measure of esteem by which he’s regarded by the Guyanese community is clearly demonstrated by the great number of people here tonight.”

High Commissioner Rajnarine Singh, who leaves his Ottawa office at the end of January, said Doobay blazed a trail as honorary consul general while dean of the Caribbean Consular Corps in Toronto, Trinidad & Tobago Consul General, Michael Lashley, said the outgoing diplomat fulfilled his mission to serve his constituency and country.

“He did that with energy, passion and commitment,” said Lashley. “Whether it was for business projects, development assistance or contributions to charitable causes, Danny’s successes are legion.”

Premier Dalton McGuinty, who is in China promoting Ontario’s businesses and investments in the province, sent a congratulatory message to Doobay.

“In your capacity as honorary consul general, you played a key role in developing the ties between Ontario and Guyana and in enhancing the solidarity enjoyed by Canadians of Guyanese descent,” said McGuinty. “I would like to thank you for all you have done to further solidify the beneficial relationship that exists between our two jurisdictions.”

Guyana Ex-Soldiers Association (Canada) president Gordon Wynter presented a plaque to the outgoing diplomat on behalf of the Guyanese organizations in the Greater Toronto Area that worked closely with the consulate during Doobay’s tenure.

Prior to becoming a diplomat, Doobay was vice-president for Marketing & Design at Tomahdia Associates and general manager of Guyana Television Corporation.

He returned to the private sector two years ago, co-founding Baylaan Technologies, a software development company that’s set to release SkeduleX, which is the first fully integrated software solution developed specifically for the Independent Medical Assessment Industry.


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