Being a young mother no impediment to success — Judge


Overcoming crisis and challenges have become second nature to Edwina Broni.

The mother of twin girls at age 16 graduated on time from St. Marguerite d’Youville Secondary School. In addition, she has gained the confidence and support of her parents that she can care for her children and also become a successful citizen.

“My parents were not supportive at the beginning, but they have come around now,” said the 17-year-old who was presented with a Community Initiative award at the Brampton chapter of the Congress of Black Women’s 21st annual awards event last Friday night. “It has taken a lot of prayer to get over the hurdles to this point.”

Broni plans to enter George Brown College in January to pursue Nursing. Her career goal is to become an obstetrician.

“I want to experience child birth from the outside looking in,” she said.

Speaking directly to Broni, keynote speaker Justice Dr. Irving Andre told her that becoming a mother at a tender age should not impede her from succeeding in life.

“There are many single mothers out there who are successfully playing the role of both parents,” he said. “The late Dr. Rex Nettleford was raised by his mother and grandmother and look what he became. Also, many women came from the Caribbean in the 1960s as domestics and have done very well for themselves professionally and for their family. If they can do it, you can also.”

Scholarships were presented to Emmanuel Frimpong-Manso, Trishauna Forbes, Sophia Kemeh and Aramide Odutayo.

A graduate of Notre Dame Secondary School, Frimpong-Manso – he aspires to become a chartered accountant – is pursuing an Accounting degree at Brock University while Forbes, who graduated from Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School, is studying English and History at York University. Her goal is to teach both subjects in high school.

Kemeh and Odutayo, who graduated from Turner Fenton Secondary School, are both enrolled at the University of Western Ontario. Kemeh is pursuing Biological and Medical Science studies and 17-year-old Odutayo is studying Political Science and Business.

She aspires to become a lawyer.


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