Safety, portables concern would-be trustee, Joy Adams


Extensive growth in the past few years in the City of Brampton has put a considerable strain on services, including schools.

As housing subdivisions have emerged with regularity, Joy Adams has watched from the sidelines as students have been forced to travel challenging distances and unsafe walking routes on their school commute. She is also concerned that many, including her Grade Five daughter, have spent a lot of time in portable classrooms.

Adams has attended many school board meetings to voice her concerns. Frustrated by the lack of response, she has chosen to run for school board trustee in Wards 9 & 10.

“There are a lot of issues in my community,” said the married mother of two who migrated from Guyana in 1987. “I have been a Ward 10 resident for seven years and I have seen how this area has grown. What, however, has happened is that many things have failed to keep up with the growth, including schools and this has led to a cluster of portables. We have got to find a way to get funding to build more schools to keep up with the fast growing population here.”

As chair of the Thorndale Public School council for the past four years, Adams has spearheaded safety initiatives for students, including safe walking school routes.

Last year, she presented to the Peel District School Board her concerns about the cancellation of busing to Thorndale School and the approximately 45 minutes it now takes some students to get to school.

“Young people are important assets and we have to find a way to put them in the best possible positions to learn,” said Adams, a registered nurse. “We also are required to ensure that they get safely to and from their institutions of learning.”

A graduate of West Humber Collegiate and Ryerson University with a nursing degree, Adams worked in a local hospital, caring for women in the labour and delivery ward before joining the City of Toronto as a public health nurse.

Adams, who is pursuing a Masters degree at Athabasca University, has been a nurse manager at Cummer Lodge Home for the Aged for the past two years.

Individuals interested in contributing to Adams’ campaign can contact her at

Municipal elections take place on October 25.


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