Minister urges locals to invest in Jamaica


Jamaica’s Minister of Labour and Social Security Pearnel Charles took time out from a busy schedule visiting Ontario farms to meet with nationals at the Jamaican Canadian Association centre recently.

The Bustamante Industrial Trade Union vice-president updated them on recent developments in the Caribbean country and issued a call for Jamaicans in Canada and friends of Jamaica to seek out investment opportunities in the Western Caribbean island.

“There can’t be jobs without investment,” he said. “As long as we have human resources development, we have to find jobs for our young people at home because not all of them will find work in the global market. That’s why we definitely need more private investment and we are looking to the Diaspora, including Canada to assist in the development of the nation.”

Charles used the opportunity to thank Canadians for choosing Jamaica for vacations and leisure travel and he assured them that the country remains a relatively safe destination.

“We are not having a problem in Jamaica that most countries don’t have,” he said. “We are small and the spotlight always seems to be on us, but that is something that we are working to change.”

He visited Ontario farms where almost 6,000 Jamaicans are employed and thanked Canada for allowing nationals from the Caribbean country to participate.

“They come here to enhance the lives of themselves and their families,” he said. “This is a very significant program and one that we cherish very much.”



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