Cell phone at Caribana


You know what ah notice at the Caribana dis year?

No. Not all the costumes, pretty as dem was. Not de nuff jump up and prancing, de beat of de music or all de lovely girls. No. None ah dat.

What I notice was that nearly every single costumed mas player was carrying a cell phone. You might not think that was unusual. Not today. What was unusual was WHERE they were carrying these phones.

You don’t have to look too closely to realize that the costumes were not designed to cover much. Nor were they designed to carry anything. No pockets. But did that stop them from carrying their cell phones? No sir.

The cell phones were everywhere. Some had them in their hands, but many had them clipped to their costumes – in the waist (such as it was), some stuck to the back, and most remarkably, on the inside of the costume’s top.

Now you would think there was not much room to carry the cell phone in that location, since these costumes not only leave nothing to the imagination, but also begs the question: Where would you put the thing?  But these enterprising young ladies were not about to lose their sense of priorities. Leave their cell phone at home? Not have it attached to their body in some way? No sir! Who would want to risk the psychological damage it might cause to have your most important link to the world cut off?

Not be able to Text while dancing or playin’ mas? Miss that important call from your friend in the next band? Not keep up with Facebook and Twitter? You Crazy?!

I was thinking they could never hear the thing ring in this crazy din, then I remembered…Vibrate setting.

But how on earth could you hear anything at all? Not possible.

Well, that leaves only texting and email.

Does this not take the idea of multi-tasking to a new level?

And the government is trying to get people to stop using their cell phones while driving? GOOD LUCK!

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