Family seeking help for child with brain tumor


A Toronto family is at their wits end and they need help desperately.

Guyanese high schooler Clinton Warde’s dream of becoming a medical doctor is fading quickly as he battles a brain tumor. The 12-year-old President’s College student was diagnosed earlier this year after complaining of severe headaches and double vision.

Surgery cannot be performed in Guyana and Warde’s working-class parents are unable to raise the funds for him to have the operation overseas.

The boy’s aunt and her Toronto-born husband Ivorine and Ryan Hamer have been frantically trying for the past six weeks to reach out to local community and health care organizations for help.

“We have been in contact with the Herbie Fund which has reviewed the case and said Clinton does not qualify,” said Ryan Hamer. “We have also made frenzied calls to other organizations that bring children up from Guyana and other Caribbean countries for surgery, but we have not had any success.

“Clinton’s condition is rapidly deteriorating with each passing day. The tumor is getting bigger and he’s losing his sense of smell. He has already lost vision in his right eye and he’s in considerable pain. Time is not on his side and we don’t know where else to go.”

Hamer said The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh is willing to perform the surgery for nearly US$159,000.

“They said they can give the family a 30 per cent discount which will work out to around $102,000,” he added. “But there is no way that the family can come up with this kind of money. They have already had to fork out a substantial amount of cash for tests and scans. We need help or else the young man with such a bright future ahead of him is going to die.”

Individuals interesting in helping Warde, who resides at Paradise West Coast Berbice, can contact the Hamers at (416) 438-7514 or by email at



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