Awards program seek young Jamaican leaders


Jamaicans in Canada and the rest of the Diaspora are being encouraged to apply for the “Jamaica 40 Amazing Under 40″ awards to be presented later this year.

Founded and managed by AnseSymphoni Vergenze to celebrate and honour Jamaica’s present and future leaders, the awards program is designed to promote mentorship and professional development by introducing the winners and their achievements to a Jamaican and international audience and promoting them as positive role models.

In choosing nominees, achievements in innovation and achievement, vision and leadership, impact, growth and development and community involvement and contribution will be considered.

“The idea emerged from a need to accentuate a consciousness amongst our people to be inspired to make a difference in our communities,” said the awards program manager, Hugh Simmonds. “We are so fortunate to have so many talented, committed young professionals who dedicate countless hours and personal passion serving this amazing country and its communities.”

The 40 recipients will be selected by the “Jamaica 40 Amazing Under 40″ national advisory board which is made up of private and public sector volunteers, representatives of non-governmental organizations and community and development leaders.

Nominations close on Friday, April 30 and the awardees will be presented at a gala event on August 12 at the Jamaica Pegasus in Kingston, Jamaica.

Interested applicants can visit for more details, including the application form.



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