Single parent running for Brampton City Council


Driving through her Brampton neighbourhood during last week’s March break, the sight of young people walking aimlessly or just hanging out caught the attention of single mom, Princess Boucher.

“They were just there with seemingly nothing to do,” said the Brampton City Council Wards 2 and 6 candidate. “We have to find a way to get these youths engaged before they get into trouble.”

Designing youth programs is at the top of Boucher’s list as she prepares to challenge John Hutton, who was first elected to council in 1985.

“I am a mother of seven and I have two kids who are in high school and they did not have much to do during the school break,” said Jamaican-born Boucher. “The only community centre in the neighbourhood (Cassie Campbell) does not provide the kinds of programming for a diverse community such as ours. We have a small library with limited resources such as computers and reading material. There is a need for facilities and tools that are more fitting and appropriate.”

Boucher also said there is a need for an increase in affordable housing and an improved transit system.

“Brampton is considered one of the fastest growing Canadian cities, yet there is no bus service in certain areas at night,” she added. “That’s unacceptable. How are people who depend on transit expected to get around when they want to?”

Coming to Canada at age 10 from Manchester in Jamaica, Boucher grew up in Toronto and attended Bathurst Heights Secondary School, DeVry Institute and the Toronto School of Business.

As an event planner, she said her constant interaction with people from different communities and cultures provided her with an understanding of some of their concerns.

“I have always been committed to my community,” she said. “But when people begin to vent their frustration with their dissatisfaction at how their city is being run, one has to take notice. That’s what I did and have decided to step up and do something about it. People need change and I will attempt to bring that to them. I could have stayed in my little corner and do small things. But that would not be beneficial to a large community of people. Being at the table of power will give me the chance to effect change for a large mass of people.”

Individuals interested in becoming part of Boucher’s campaign can contact her at

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