Relationship with clients key to JNBS success


Remittances account for nearly 20 per cent of Jamaica’s gross domestic product and is the core business of Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Money Services.

That’s why maintaining the brand quality and enhancing service delivery are key priorities for the organization’s overseas general manager, Charles Spence, who is based in Florida.

Spence was in Toronto recently to meet with the five-member staff here and some of the company’s 30 agents.

“We take great pride in our relationship with our customers,” he told Share. “They can trust us, they can talk to us and they can feel comfortable when they come into our office to do business.”

The company offers a comprehensive service that allows customers to send and receive money between seven countries – Jamaica, Canada, Dominica, the United States, the United Kingdom, St. Vincent & the Grenadines and the Cayman Islands – under the brand name, Jamaica National Money Transfer.

Spence said JN Money Services has also implemented the JN Affinity Card program that is structured to stimulate remittance flows between residents in Jamaica and Jamaicans in Canada and the rest of the Diaspora.

Prior to joining Jamaica National, Spence worked is sales and marketing in the aviation industry with American Airlines, Air Jamaica and Virgin Atlantic.

“It was while working with Air Jamaica and seeing the passion it ignites among our people that I made the commitment that I wanted to work with another Caribbean company, Jamaican in particular,” he said. “When you look at the longevity and passion associated with Air Jamaica, that helped to make my decision to come to Jamaica National – which is the largest building society in the Caribbean – easy.”

Spence said business at the Toronto office has appreciably increased in the last few months since the company began offering a service that makes it easy and convenient for clients in Canada and the rest of the Diaspora to pay their utility bills and Guardian Life Insurance premiums.

It has also forced the company to increase its hours of operations.

“Traditionally, members used to send funds back home with somebody and problems would arise when the money did not arrive on time for that person to pay their bills or the funds would somehow go missing between here and Jamaica,” he said. “We want our members to know that we are now their financial partners and we can take care of all their obligations. All they have to do is to come into our location, gave us the account details and we can pay all of their bills in Jamaica.”

Established in 1865 in Westmoreland as one of the first building societies in Jamaica showing working class people how they could go about owning their own homes, the company has evolved in the past century to become a reputable financial institution of the community, for the community. It has also advanced its brand-equity as an institution which assists its customers in achieving their goals.

The JNBS Toronto Representative office opened its doors on February 22, 1991, making it the second overseas office to be established after the London office which opened in 1988.

For more information on JNBS services call, toll free, 1-866-735-6002 or 416-784-2075.





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