Frederick running as independent in St. Paul’s


He feels that politicians affiliated to parties are more concerned with holding on to power than helping the people they are elected to serve.

That’s why Marius Frederick is running as an independent in the upcoming provincial St. Paul’s by-election to fill the seat vacated by former Attorney General and Economic Development minister Michael Bryant.

The Grenadian-born candidate, who came to Canada at age 10, says he doesn’t want to be indebted to any political party or special interest group.

“The only people that matter are those in the riding and I have promised them that if they gave me a chance to serve them, I will be something new and different for them,” he said. “I am in it to present the constituents with fair, effective and accessible representation. The key in all of this it to let them know that I work for them.”

Frederick said his faith in politicians substantially subsided after attempts to meet with Bryant failed.

“I tried to get a meeting with him for almost a year to discuss some personal issues before he left office and I was told by his people that I could not meet with him,” he said. “Imagine you can’t see your elected official. I know I can do better than that and serve this community much better. I know I can make a big difference here.”

Frederick, who studied business administration at Seneca College and has been employed with GO Transit as a bus conductor for the past nine years, describes himself as centrist and downplayed qualifications as important tools to run for political office.

“There are really no qualifications to hold office no matter what the career politicians will tell you,” he said. “The only qualification I have to offer is the desire to truly serve the people of St. Paul’s. I am not a politician but a citizen answering the call to civic duty and responsibility.”

This is Frederick’s third attempt to secure political office. He ran for Mayor of Markham in 1994 and Town and Regional Councilor for Ward Six in Oakville three years ago where he received 12.43 per cent of the votes.

He is one of four independents running in the St. Paul’s riding that was created following redistribution a decade ago.

Bryant was first elected in 1999 and he won the 2007 election by more than 8,000 votes.

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