Group wants youth to be politically inspired

Inspiring You Politically is a group of volunteers who are passionate about politics. With a commitment to developing a stronger political culture in the Black community, they are not only interested in getting members of the Black community out to vote on Election Day, they are interested in fostering active participation during the political “off season” as well.

The movement towards “change through participation” began with monthly meetings to map out a plan of action that would move the community forward over the following 12 months. Then, in May of this year, the group launched the Canadian Black Caucus (Youth) at Queens Park.

On Monday, June 29, Inspiring You Politically will host the second part of the CBCaucus launch, with an impressive line-up of Canadian politicians in attendance.

The event will introduce the community to the CBCaucus, affiliated organizations and their collective vision. In addition to a reception with politicians from all levels of government, there will be an awards presentation to recognize the contributions of some of the pioneers in Black Canadian politics, specifically, former Lieutenant Governor, Lincoln Alexander, former Member of Parliament, Jean Augustine, former Ontario Cabinet minister, Zanana Akande, former Ontario MPP and the first Black member of the Ontario legislature, Leonard Braithwaite, and former Ontario Cabinet minister, House Speaker and diplomat, Alvin Curling.

The keynote speaker for the night will be former federal NDP Member of Parliament, Dr. Howard McCurdy, who is well known for his oratory.

The CBCaucus is looking to work with different organizations to increase the number of young people involved in mainstream political youth associations, volunteering on campaigns and conducting workshops to help educate them about participation in the political process. The group hopes to work with school boards to organize a CBCaucus youth council that would have young political leaders representing schools across the GTA.

The launch of the CBCaucus is at 7 p.m. at St. Lawrence Hall with limited seating and the dress code is black semi-formal. The event is free, but donations will be accepted.

To RSVP, email:

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