Dance troupe wins ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

A dance troupe, Diversity, beat Susan Boyle into second place to win the world’s biggest talent show.

Today in London, England, Diversity, a dance group made up of members aged 12 to 25, many of them Black and of mixed race, was crowned the winners of Britain’s Got Talent 2009.

The 10-member troupe from Essex and London gained the most votes from the public in the competition, beating world favourite Scottish singer, Susan Boyle, into second place.

Diversity’s choreographer, Ashley Banjo, overwhelmed by the result, told show hosts, Ant and Dec: “When you said our name I thought I was dreaming. Everyone who has voted – you have changed our lives.”

The group has only been together since 2007 but they blew the judges away with their incomparable ‘Transformers’ dance routine.

Earlier this evening, Simon told them: “This is the only performance of the night, if we were giving marks, I would have given a 10. It was sheer and utter perfection.”

Said Banjo: “To perform at the Royal Variety Show would be something we’d remember for the rest of our lives.

The group walks away with the first prize of a cheque for £100,000 and will perform for Queen Elizabeth II in December.

Susan Boyle and fellow contestant, saxophonist Julian Smith, who came in third, were gracious as they accepted defeat.

Susan, a favourite to win the show, clapped happily and told Ant and Dec: “The best people won. They are very entertaining lads.”

And to the group: Lads, I wish you all the best.”

Asked about her own plans she told More Talent’s Stephen Mulhern: “I hope to get an album out – I’ll just play it by ear.

“What a journey – unbelievable, and very humbling. Thank you for everything.”

Smith said that he was happy to have taken part in the competition.

“It’s been an honour, really.

“At least, I got to be chief bridesmaid this time.”

More than one million votes were cast.

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