Brampton celebrates Earth Week

Liberal Member of Parliament for Brampton-Springdale, Dr. Ruby Dhalla, joined Bramptonians this weekend to celebrate Earth Week by hosting a spring clean up at Black Oak Park in Brampton-Springdale.

“This week, many residents of Bramption joined Canadians in communities across this great nation to make Canada cleaner,” said Dr. Dhalla.

Dhalla was joined by members of the Brampton-Springdale Young Liberals for the spring clean up, an initiative of the City of Brampton’s Clean City Committee, which hosts a number of clean-ups across the city.

Over the next several weeks, an estimated six million Canadians will stage events and projects across Canada to address local environmental issues in honour of International Earth Day which took place earlier this week.

“I want to congratulate the youth of Brampton for taking an active role to ensure Brampton remains green. Working together, we can turn our hope for a green future into reality,” added Dhalla.

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