A wife’s journey with prostate cancer – Part 1

By Admin Wednesday September 11 2013 in Family
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Today Wesley and I went to the cancer clinic, and as he dropped me off at the front entrance of the hospital, I glanced at the over sized sign that reads, CANCER CLINIC.


“My God, this is for real” I thought. My stomach was doing all kind of aerobatic stuff; my feet suddenly became too heavy for my vertically challenged frame. As much as I had prepared myself mentally, my head, unfortunately forgot to convey the message to my heart that Wesley has prostate cancer.


As we held hands walking through the main entrance door, I felt as though I were a prisoner being taken to the electric chair, especially for a crime I did not commit.


If today was an indication of what is ahead of me, I will tell you that the journey will be long suffering and quite tedious, to say the least. My journey has not yet begun and already I am beginning to feel the pangs of hell. A life that we had known for over 36 years is all over and that was not by choice.


“Where did yesterday go?” I kept asking myself, and what could have possible gone wrong why today is up on us?


Yesterday we had a marriage that was solid as a rock. We were blissfully happy; my marriage was my haven, a peaceful place to fall; a place where I felt the safest and most secure. It was not at all perfect but, then again, neither were we. At the end of the day, however, there was no one we would rather have come home to, but each other. We had a marriage that was filled with humour and I am proud to say that it was my meager contribution to the relationship.


Then came “today” … with so much heartache and pain.


Little did I know that the cancer would have been the “other woman” in our lives and a “thorn in my side”, a woman no man in his right mind would have wanted.


I have been truly blessed with a faithful man, a man who happens to love me totally and completely. Some would even say that I have been spoiled throughout the years. That was until “she” came into our lives. Mark you, Wesley did not go out looking for trouble, nevertheless, trouble had certainly found him.


My husband has no desire to be with this “woman” as she continues to stalk him. Unfortunately, a restraining order against “her” is out of the question as she is above the law. Our next step will be to take drastic measures, either by burning “her” to the stake, RADIATION or murdering her, SURGERY.


I never knew that there would be a time in my life that I would have preferred The Other Woman to be a person so that we could actually go at it like two ally cats.


I know one day she will eventually be gone out of our lives, but should I be happy knowing that “she” will be leaving with an intricate part of his body? Is it selfish of me to want ever fiber of his being? Or should I be grateful that when she leaves, she is not taking his heart with her?


A wife’s journey with prostate cancer – Part 2

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