Santa with Ethan Campbell
Santa with Ethan Campbell

32 years of bringing Christmas joy to kids

By Admin Wednesday December 19 2012 in News
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For the past two decades, Toronto Sun columnist Lorrie Goldstein and his wife have looked forward to delivering Christmas cheer to kids at the United Order of Solomon Lodge annual event.


However, it was with a heavy heart that Goldstein showed up for last Saturday’s event. A day earlier, 20 young kids were among 26 people murdered at a Connecticut elementary school.


“The only thing that makes me feel better is coming here,” said Goldstein. “It’s the only cure. This is the only place I feel better because this is what it’s all about.”


Several businesses and individuals donated the gifts and foodstuff.


“We have been doing this for the past 32 years because we know it’s the right thing to do,” said the lodge’s Grand Master, Lloyd Seivright. “We are just happy to put a smile on the faces of young people at this time of year.”


Seivright’s wife, Madaine, wraps the gifts and prepares most of the food for the big day.



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